A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a system that brings people in the community closer to their food and farmers by allowing them to pre-pay and share in both the ups and downs of farming. In return, customers receive a periodic box of that period's harvest. The modern analogy is a pre-paid subscription service.

Inaugural Egg CSA: August 15 - December 31 (20 week season)

All slots for our first season have been filled! You can still buy eggs a-la-carte on the farmstand. If you're interested in future CSAs, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social for updates.

We're excited to announce our first egg CSA! We hope to build a relationship with our customers and add more products as our farm grows.

Why should you join our CSA?
  • Pasture-raised and fed eggs are the highest level of egg quality and animal welfare! You'll get creamy, deep dark yolks with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Discounted from farm stand price ($7)
    • 1 dozen - $135 - $6.75/dz
    • 1.5 dozen - $200 - $6.67/dz
    • 2 dozen - $260 - $6.50/dz
  • Get first access to new products, farm visits, and more
  • Discounted prices for a-la-carte products to add to your box as they become available
  • 25 dozen shares available, first-come first-serve
  • Pick up at the farm during daylight hours


What size and color are the eggs?

Each carton will have an assortment of eggs that can vary week to week. About 75% of our hens are prolific brown egg layers and the sizes are typically from large to jumbo. The remainder are different 'easter eggers' meaning they'll have blue, green, or possibly even pink eggs ranging from medium to x-large. Egg colors are purely cosmetic and unique to different chicken breeds and do not reflect any difference in egg quality. However, if certain chickens like to eat different types of pasture, you may see some variety in your eggs!

Are these eggs cage free/free-range/humanely raised/pasture-raised/organic?

First, we recommend watching this video which explains some of the confusing terminology around eggs. Our chickens are raised and fed on pasture - life doesn't get better for chickens! This means they are given thousands of square feet of fresh pasture which allows them to eat all sorts of bugs, grasses, clover, alfalfa, and other greens. This diet is what gives the eggs an extremely creamy texture and deep dark yellow and orange yolks. The chickens come inside the coop at night to sleep safe from predators. We move the coop and the portable fencing frequently so they are constantly moving to fresh pasture. Typical free range chickens have access to just a little bit of dirt, but by rotationally grazing, we give our chickens tons of fresh pasture greens as long as it's available. The chickens are also given a healthy feed formulated for egg layers to make sure they have the right nutrients for the intense demands of egg laying. In the winter, the chickens will still be given access to the outdoors, but with the snow and less to eat outside, we will supplement their diet with crops stored from the farm such as pumpkins and cool weather greens like kale. Lastly, a small percentage of the chicken's diet is food scraps which provides them variety and keeps methane producing organic material out of landfills. The chickens drink the same natural, pure, tested well water as our family.

We do not have organic certification as we believe this is impractical for a small farm like us and organic feed would drive the price per dozen up over $10. That being said, we do NOT use pesticides, antibiotics, or other harmful chemicals and only provide our hens with high quality feed and pasture.

What if I want more than 1-2 dozen eggs/week?

You can add on a-la-carte eggs at the farm stand price as long as we have availability. If you have need for a large order for a special occasion, call or email us and we can work something out.

How do I get the eggs?

Eggs must be picked up at our farm during daylight hours each week. We'll provide CSA members extra details on when, where, and how. We do not offer delivery at the moment, but may in the future.

What other benefits are there to joining the CSA?

CSA members are like our partners. We hope to build relationships and share in the ups and downs of growing our farm. Your feedback will help shape how we grow. In addition, we'll give you first access and news about new products, host occasional get-togethers, and offer farm tours and workshops.

What if I want a refund?

Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you're unsatisfied with the eggs, we'll work to make it right!