Pasture-raised eggs

Our hens are pasture-raised and fed - life doesn't get much better for chickens! This is the highest level of egg quality and animal welfare. Our hens have access to thousands of feet of pasture that they roam during daylight hours. This lets them eat bugs, grasses, clover, alfalfa, vetch, dandelion, and other greens we have in our pasture. The chickens come inside the coop at night to sleep safe from predators. We move the coop and portable fencing frequently to give them fresh pasture. Typically, free range chickens have access to just some dirt, but by rotationally grazing we give our chickens fresh greens as long as weather permits. They also eat a healthy feed formulated for egg layers. In the winter, the chickens will still be given access to the outdoors, but with the snow and less to eat outside, we will supplement their diet with crops stored from the farm such as pumpkins and cool weather greens like kale. Lastly, a small percentage of the chicken's diet is food scraps which provides them variety and keeps methane producing organic material out of landfills. The chickens drink the same natural, pure, tested well water as our family. These eggs have creamier yolks, taste better, and have more omega-3s and vitamins than conventional or even “free-range” eggs. Watch the video to see how we raise our hens and learn more!